Juan Oliver & FDK Mallorca

Creativity, style and tradition come together and give life to each of the exclusive pieces that are produced in the handcraft workshop belonging to Juan Oliver also called Juanito. He gives the belts, wallets and handbags an earthly soul, stemming from Mallorca´s deepest roots. This process transforms the leather into authentic works of art. This elegance is translated to a chosen collection of clothes made of natural fabrics and highly creative printed t-shirts.

Uniqo is the essence of exclusivity and creativity. One identifies with each of the creations, making you feel unique, apart from passing fashions and tendencies, breaking with uniformity and rediscovering your own personality.


When Juanito’s hands fuse with leather, true magic happens. This Majorcan, a universal citizen has travelled with his art from London to Thailand, where his designs of dragons fly.

Juan Oliver, Juanito, is a craftsman who rediscovers himself daily in every one of his creations which he brings to life by putting his soul into them .No longer will it be necessary to queue at English festivals to admire and acquire his brilliant designs and intricate belts, as his magic to enchant the world is now being done in Campos / Mallorca